Qualification : M.Sc., M.E., Ph.D.

Designation   : Associate Professor & Head

Approved Scholars

Name of the Scholars


Year of Registration

Full Time / Part Time

Year of Graduation

6 M. M. Janeela Theresa Guide 2007 Part Time 2013  (Awarded)
A. S. Raja Guide 2006 Part Time 2014  (Awarded)
G. Heren Chellam Guide 2006 Part Time 2015  (Awarded)
M. Safish Mary Guide 2007 Part Time 2016  (Awarded)
R. Kavitha Jaba Malar Guide 2008 Part Time 2016  (Awarded)
B. Shamina Ross Guide 2011 Part Time 2016  (Awarded)
S. Irene Getzi Co-Guide 2011 Part Time 2019  (Awarded)
S. Balamurugan Guide 2016 Part Time
R. Felista Sugirtha Lizy Guide 2018 Part Time
R. Waheetha Guide 2018 Part Time
P. Privietha Guide 2018 Part Time
N. Sumitha Guide 2018 Part Time
P. Christopher Guide 2020 Part Time
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