Qualification : M.A., M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Designation : Associate Professor

Approved Scholars

Name of the Scholars


Year of Registration

Full Time / Part Time

Year of Graduation

6 K . Sumathai Guide 2012 Part Time 2016 (Awarded)
R. Saranya Guide 2012 Part Time 2017 (Awarded)
P. Shenbagaraj Co-Guide 2015 Full Time 2019 (Awarded)
A. Suresh Co-Guide 2015 Full Time 2019 (Awarded)
S. Thirumathi Guide 2016 Full Time 2019 (Awarded)
M. Chelliah Co-Guide 2015 Full Time 2019 (Awarded)
A. Navin Guide 2016 Full Time
T. Murugan Guide 2016 Full Time
Y. Ebenezer Co-Guide 2016 Full Time
R. Iyappan Co-Guide 2018 Full Time
C. Persheela Suganthi Co-Guide 2018 Part Time
G. Mariselvan Guide 2019 Full Time
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